A Weekend Getaway: Sequim’s Lavender Festival

Free bus shuttles to fragrant lavender farms, and about 150 crafting booths (not including the many booths at each farm) made the Sequim Lavender Festival a perfect family-friendly retreat for the weekend.

At the main street fair that spanned almost two blocks on Fir St, live bands performing anything from bluegrass to low-key Hawaiian music screamed above the natural din of a large, excited crowd as individuals dived into craft booth after craft booth. On an adjacent street a healthy line-up of international food trucks and a small beer garden situated near the live music, a.k.a. Lavenderstock, hosted the bulk of the crowds the festival saw this weekend. The delicious smells of clashing cultural cuisines and the sounds of good-natured tunes drowning out people’s laughter made the entire festival seem like one big family reunion.

The lavender farms featured scenes similar to this. Live music was a common occurrence, playing while patrons paid to pick personal batches of flowers, along with small clusters of food and craft booths in a neat row. One farm, Jardin du Soleil, featured all this and camel rides next to its well-groomed fields. Another one, Olympic Lavender, boasted a hot air balloon (minus the basket) that children could play inside and a few novelty purple garden chairs seemingly fit to seat giants.

Only 4 out of the 17 lavender farms sponsored by the festival required a fee to enter, and two of those farms, Olympic Lavender and Jardin du Soleil, partnered up to share the cost of admittance ($10 per person) in the hopes of encouraging crowds to come back at night for more a more intense music experience. The steepest price for admission this year was Purple Haze Daze’s $10 pre-pay or $12 at the gate. However, at every farm, children under 12 were free.

There are so many varieties of unique craft and food booths at the main street fair and in each lavender farm in Sequim that, to make the rounds, it would take the whole weekend. But if you are looking for a mini vacation trip for your family, Sequim’s yearly Lavender Festival is definitely a place to consider.

For more information on Sequim’s Lavender festival and lavender farm drive guides, visit click here.


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