‘Love Trumps Hate’ Seattle Impeachment March

Trump Impeachment March Seattle
Marquese Averett speaks to the crowd outside Seattle’s Federal Building.

President Trump’s name was on hundreds of protesters’ lips on Sunday as they marched through traffic intersections on their way to Seattle’s Federal Building. Chants such as “Love trumps hate,” and “Hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go,” rang through the streets, prompting a few onlookers to join in the protest.


Trump Impeachment March Seattle
Marchers proudly walk on for the sake of their country.

The march began earlier that morning beneath the Space Needle, where a few short, inspiring monologues about the need for a fascist-free America left the crowd with high spirits and higher voices.

Trump Impeachment March Seattle
A protester sings to the crowd, calling for equality and freedom in a country that is backpedaling through history.

From there the congregation spread to the streets, shouting the aforementioned chants almost immediately.

Gina Merchan was the proactive organizer (in cooperation with Refuse Fascism) for the local part of this nation-wide protest. A stay-at-home mom, Merchan noticed Seattle had not signed up for the march, so she took it upon herself to pay the roughly $1,000 in equipment and insurance fees to get this crowd together in under three weeks time. Merchan says that since the President’s inauguration she’s been fighting against Trump’s “new normal.”

“Donald Trump has violated the Constitution in several places already and we are turning a blind eye,” Merchan said, “It is important for us to keep reminding the public that…he is taking away our rights.”

Trump Impeachment March Seattle
A family with a young girl marches in a group for the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.

Margo Heights, a Seattle Organizer with Refuse Fascism, says the time to call for impeachment is now, that if the American people choose to leave the issue alone for another day, it would already be too late to act. Heights goes on to say that the nation had been warned of Trump’s potential back when he was still a candidate running for the presidency.

“There was a particularly poignant and terrifying moment {during his campaign} when protesters were being attacked at his rallies and he said ‘I long for the day when protesters were dragged out on stretchers,’ Heights said. “When he says ‘the American people’ he’s only talking about his base, and it’s very dangerous.”

Trump Impeachment March Seattle
Impeachment marchers hold their signs above their heads and move in solidarity.

There will be another rally and impeachment march on Saturday, July 15 at 11 a.m. in Cal Anderson Park. For more information on future resistance events visit RefuseFascism.org, or you can find the group on Facebook and Twitter @RefuseFascism.


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